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As an Art Advisor, I help define the mission of art collections, identify buying and selling opportunities; manage, preserve and maintain the heritage. I represent clients in purchases and sales during private negotiations or auctions.I provide a wide knowledge of curatorial and market trends in Latin American, European and North American Art, contemporary and modern. I constantly travel to the most important art fairs and biennials in Europe, the United States and Latin America. I organize debates and art talks and visits to artists' studios. The range of clients go from burgeoning collectors to those with expansive collections, Museums, Institutions and Real Estate developments. A great collection can be anything, but it has to be passionate and bursting with character.

Welcome & Introduction


Argentine born Flavia Masetto grew up in Brazil, where she was exposed to modern art at an early age by her mother who is an artist and also a professor at the Fine Arts School of Buenos Aires, Prilidiano Pueyrredón. Flavia received a degree in Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Buenos Aires, and she also studied painting with Carlos Cañas, one of the Argentine modern art masters, but decided to pursue a career in finance after graduation. From 2006 to 2010 she was a marketing specialist for alternative investments in Latin America, and her background in finance and emerging markets gave her a unique perspective on the rapidly changing art landscape. She has a wideranging knowledge of contemporary art, specially Latin American and its growing prominence in the global art market. From January 2016 Flavia settled in Buenos Aires and was in charge of the private sales department of the major auction house Roldán until the end of 2018, thus developing a great knowledge of Argentine art of the 20th century. In addition to sales and development of private collections, she worked in the assembly of in house private sales exhibitions, catalogs and curatorial texts and greatly expanded the portfolio of clients for the house. Also from Buenos Aires, she was the originator of commercial exchange programs with Argentine artists in galleries in the United States and international artists in Argentine galleries.

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I not only assist with shipping, framing, delivery, installation, storage, insurance and any other aspects of maintaining an art program but I also help discover what the client is looking for: What is it you wish to achieve by starting a collection? Is this for your family? Is this for you? What art do you feel comfortable with? What art don´t you understand? What don´t you like?

Presence and Access

I am present at art fairs and auctions not only in Latin America but also in Europe and the United States: Christie's, Sotheby's, Phillips, SP Arte, Art Rio, Zona Maco, ArteBA, ArtBo, Basel, (Miami and Basel) ), Armory Show, Frieze (New York and London and Los Angeles), Arco Madrid, ADAA, FIAC. The global art market has become a matrix, and people who want to be part of it, may need a little help navigating through that matrix. Unlike auctions, the primary market (galleries) is built through relationships of trust in which the buyer is committed to honoring the work of art.


I advise clients in the development of an Art investment portfolio based on a strong analysis of the market trends and art legitimation systems. Quality works of art have proved to be a remarkable store of value. This is predominantly due to increasing rarity caused by an expanding demand from museums and collectors, and dwindling supply. However, to view it as a market is certainly a healthy way to gauge the ups and downs. But it is necessary to view it as a long term lifestyle passion, and as a privilege to be involved with innovation and creativity and the wonder of it all. A good buy is always something you love to live with.


Many artists and art critics often argue that the aesthetic value of art and the financial value of art have no connection to each other. However I tend to develop collections that endure and retain value, while providing each client with a unique customized experience. The attraction of art as an investment is that fine art provides an opportunity for portfolio diversification into an area that has historically provided high returns and shown a low correlation to other asset classes. If you invest in great quality art, you also invest in a different attitude a new way to look at things, it is an investment that enriches your way of life.


I have special access to an extensive network of established and emerging artists, galleries and private dealers. This allows me to present a wide variety of media subject tailored to each client’s unique needs and to source works of the highest quality and provenance. Through an exhaustive analysis and a curatorial approach I also provide clients with a selection of works and artists that I see and select in the art fairs I visit.



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